A letter from our editor to travel lovers everywhere

Dear readers, fellow travellers and friends,

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives with heartbreaking consequences – from the devastating death toll to the struggles of self-isolation and social distancing – our thoughts are with all those affected around the globe.

Here at The Caribou, we share the challenges so many people are facing right now. Travel is one of the industries worst-hit by the virus, with holidays understandably far from people’s minds – especially at a time when a simple visit to the supermarket can feel like a risky trip.

But in these worrying and uncertain times, I wanted to offer a message of hope to travellers everywhere.

The world may seem like a scary place right now – but it remains a wonderful, beautiful and awe-inspiring place, too.

It’s a world where pink sand beaches exist. Where it’s possible to swim with pigs, and conquer mountains. A world where beautiful centuries-old libraries and stunning European cities lie waiting to be explored. And that world isn’t going anywhere.

Granted, it might only be possible to enjoy it via a screen for the foreseeable future – and to that end, we’re here to inspire and entertain you, with beautiful pictures of and guides to some of the planet’s most breathtaking places.

In the meantime, my message is this: hang on to your wanderlust. Stay curious. Stay committed to discovering new places, enjoying new experiences and – most importantly – making new friends in far-flung places. These hard times will pass – and when they do, the world will be yours to explore once more.

Until then, stay safe, stay indoors and stay in touch with those closest to you.
Here’s to all the holidays yet to come…

With love,

PS – the image at the top of this article shows Kotor in Montenegro, where I had planned to spend two weeks this summer. This Balkan beauty has been on my travel hit-list since I visited neighbouring Croatia some years ago, and I can’t wait to hike in its hills, swim in it’s crystal clear waters and explore all that it has to offer in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Where’s on your list? Let me know by tweeting @thecaribou_.

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