Inside the luxury airport that’s the focus of first-of-its-kind destination guide

Featuring art installations, a sunflower garden and a rooftop pool, Singapore's Changi Airport is so impressive that it now has its very own guidebook

Travel publisher Wallpaper* usually creates city guides, but its latest book is all about an airport – like none you’ve ever seen before.

Spanning 13 square kilometres and connecting 90 countries around the world, Singapore’s Changi Airport sees over 65 million passengers pass through its terminals every year.

But even more impressive is the airport’s luxurious facilities and attention to design detail.

Changi airport - Jewel - Rain Vortex (2)

The rain vortex waterfall

The just-released Wallpaper* guide – the first of its kind – is a partnership between Changi Airport and the publisher, and features 20 pages dedicated to the hub’s unique architecture, experiences, artwork and gardens.

They include some of the off-beat attractions that the airport is particularly famous for, such as a ‘rain vortex’ waterfall (the largest indoor waterfall in the world), a sunflower garden and even a rooftop pool and hot tub from where you can watch the planes take off and land.

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Art is a huge part of the airport, too, with sculptures by Singaporean artists and installations by international creators dotted throughout its terminals. In Terminal 1, the Kinetic Rain installation is made up of an astonishing 1,216 bronze raindrops, each suspended by string that lifts the droplet up and down

Changi airport - Terminal 1 - Transit - Rooftop Swimming Pool

Terminal one’s rooftop pool

In clusters measuring 9.8 metres by 4 metres, the droplets move and change position to create 16 different shapes, each simulating the movement of flight.

Even a visit to the bathroom is an aesthetically-pleasing experience

There’s adventure to be had, too. Families might never want to leave the Canopy Park, which offers a ‘playground for everyone’ with its suspended trampolines and walkways made of netting among lush foliage.

At the Changi Experience Studio there are interactive games (reckon you could cycle faster than a Boeing 747?) and exhibitions that teach you about the workings of the airport.

Sky Nets Canopy Park

Sky Nets Canopy Park, Changi Airport

On the launch of the guide, Wallpaper*’s International Editor Pei-Ru Keh said: “Despite having lived abroad for many years, few things make me feel prouder to be Singaporean than arriving at Changi Airport on each trip home.

“The airport’s intuitive design and seamless approach to services is bar none – every move made puts the traveller’s needs at heart and turns the necessity of going to the airport into a luxury.”

Changi Wallpaper Guide in Singapore Airport

The guidebook isn’t for general sale, but travellers can get their hands on a copy by following updates on the Changi Airport Facebook page.

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