Stephanie Wood

Travel Editor

Stephanie is editor of The Caribou. As a digital lifestyle journalist with over 12 years’ experience, she has worked for titles including Stylist, MSN and ASOS.

She’s also a keen traveller who has visited 39 countries and counting. She spent six months travelling around South America at the age of 21, including three months' in Olinda, Brazil, where she taught English to local children. She later spent five months backpacking around Asia; highlights from that trip include seeing the Taj Mahal, night swimming in Halong Bay, Vietnam, and island-hopping in Indonesia.

From 2015 to 2017, Stephanie lived and worked in Portugal, editing a local English-language magazine from her 'office' on the beach, in-between drinking galões and learning Portuguese.

Of all the places she's visited, her top three trips have been India for the food, the people and that exhilarating ‘we’re-not-in-Kansas-anymore’ feeling, New Zealand for the jaw-dropping scenery and LOTR vibes, and California for experiencing absolutely every type of terrain – from sunny beaches and flower-filled meadows to dusty deserts and snow-capped mountains – in a single state.